Hose Packaging Tube For Hand Cream Special Pure Aluminum Wafer

Hose Packaging Tube For Hand Cream of Special Pure Aluminum Wafer 1070 pure aluminum 99.7% temper O
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Hose Packaging Tube For Hand Cream Special Pure Aluminum Wafer

Product details:


1070 pure aluminum (content is greater than or equal to 99.7%)

hardness: 16HB-18HB


Mainly for the round, also can according to customer drawings production dimorphism, such as an ellipse, rectangle, square, heart-shaped, such as for tension, surface oxidation, mainly for production of various kinds of aluminum, such as cosmetics packaging tube, medicinal hose, tube of glue, perfume, capacitor shell etc.;

Application areas:

Company to adapt to the market and meet customer demand, production of various specifications applicable to cold extrusion production process of aluminum wafer, aluminum aerosol agent tank, aluminum tube, aluminum straight mouth tube, aluminum bottles, aluminum cap, aluminum shell by stretching, the product is widely used in the field of cosmetics packaging industry, medicine, electronics and automotive.


A. according to the customer's needs to be processed into different shapes and sizes;

B. product has good plasticity, easy to stretch, corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance;

C. products comply with EU 570/573 EN and ROHS standards;