High Frequency Welded Auto Water Tank Aluminum Tube


High Frequency Welded Auto Water Tank Aluminum Tube
HF Weld aluminum tube for water tank
HF welded aluminum round pipe

High Frequency Welded Auto Water Aluminum Tube

Auto Radiator Round Aluminium Tube

Material Brand: 3003.4343/3003/7072

Product Dimension

Width(mm):16 /18 /22 /26/ 32

Thickness : 2mm

Wall thickness of material:0.28-0.38mm

State: H14


TAIALU INDUSTRY has been imported tube mill from Germany schoeler(  aluminum high-frequency welded tubes production line is currently the world's most advanced. Production speed-150 meters per minute.

On-line inspection of eddy current inspection. 

automatic sorting of non conformity products. 

Our materials are from world famous factories like Alcoa, Sapa/GRANGES, Huafeng and many of the world's top material strategic cooperation supplier.

Our factory has passed TS16949:2009 quality management system. 

Excellent product quality by domestic and foreign markets of all the favor. 

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