Aluminum Alloy Welding Wire MIG


Brand Name:OEM
Material:Aluminum / Aluminum Alloy
Melting Point:638-660 celsius
Application:All welding postion
Flux Content:GB10858-2008; ASTM/AWS

Aluminium & Aluminium Alloy Welding Wires

Alloy: 1070, 1100, 1060, 5356 AlMg5Cr, 4043 AlSi5, 4047 AlSi12, 5183 AlMg4.5Mn0.7, 5554, 5087

Physical properties (Approx.Values)

yield strength Rp0.29(Mpa)

Tensile strength Rm(MPa)

Elongation A5(L0=5d0)(%)

Test temperature(℃)------------------20    

Performance & Usage 
This is a type of product is a widely usedly  used in general welding material with magnesium of 5%,which can be used in  jointing or overlay forging and casting alloys processing.And this product is  of high toughness,good forgeability,and well  anti-corrosiveness.Furthermore,this is a good choice for color-match in  welding after anodic process.Product usage:Bicycles,aluminium sccoter,etc.Engine  carriage,pressure vessel,armary processing,ship-building,space shuttle etc.

Shielding gas 
Argon,Helium or Argon/ Helium-mixtures

Certification ISO9001:2008Dimensions MIG-wries(mm)-----0.8;0.9;1.0;1.2;1.6;2.0;2.4
TIG-RODS(mm)  ------1.6;2.0;2.4;3.2;4.0;5.0;6.0

Wire packagings (Mig  Wires)-------------------A270 mm / A 300 mm -7kg
Tig Rod)5/10kg-------------------------------Length1,000mm

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