Aluminum Welding Wire Rod TIG


aluminum welding wire rod MIG TIG
Pure aluminum wire aluminum more than 99.6%

aluminum welding wire rod MIG TIG


         1. Aluminum welding wire 

         2. Excellent corrosion resistance 

         3. Low melting point.

         4. High intensity.

Advantages of “TAIALU” Brand

         1. Independent research and development and Production of the entire process, deploy sprcific chemical composition according to customer demands.

         2. Unique machine Scraping. Skinning technology, reduce air pollution and avoid the formation of stomata when welding.

         3. Spatter little, low noise. Forming a good, efficiency and energy and energy conservation, and improve the quality of welding.

         4. High surface finish, bright smooth, a better wire feeding performance.

         5. Superior arc stability, perfect welding appearance to ensure the integrity of the production rate and productivity, and 5 widely used in key project all over the world.


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