Copper Clad Aluminum Wire CCA Wires


Copper clad aluminium wire
1.Elongation:5% & 10%
2.copper content: 10% & 15%
4.Used for cable

Copper Clad Aluminum Wire CCA Wires

CCAM Specifications: Φ0.10-3.00mm

CCAM Wire of our company is of high intensity, low specific gravity and excellent conductor performance , which presents itself as the choice over CCA under Φ0.5mm that is of low intensity and thus break easily . Second Generation CCAM Specifications:Φ0.20mm-6.00mm Second Generation Copper Clad Aluminum Magnesium Alloy wire, Second Generation CCAM Wire , another new product after First Generation CCAM Wire , is developed individually by our company .The difference between this product and its predecessor is the superior intensity conductive cord .Copper-cladding remaining the name , this second generation Copper Clad Aluminum Magnesium alloy wire weights less but boasts higher intensity of 250max Mpa compared to the 170 MP Mpa-or-so level of the first generation , whose density is only 2.85/cm3.Second Generation CCAM Wire is 30% longer than its first generation competitor of the same weight .Clients who uses the First Copper Clad Aluminum can take 25% cost reduction advantage of our second generation product over the low-intensity antecedent that breaks easily . Comparison Chart Physical and Mechanical Properties of CCA , CCAM . 

Second Generation CCA , Second Generation CCAM and Copper Wire.

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