8011 H14 Coated Aluminium Sheet for PP Cap


8011 H14 Coated Aluminium Sheet for PP Cap
thickness 0.19-0.25mm
width 400-1000mm
surface : one side golden lacquer and other side clear lacquer

Model:Coated Aluminum sheets for PP caps



3.Thickness range:0.13mm to 0.25mm


5.Packing:Export wooden crates

6. Length:Under 6000mm

7. Weight: 0.5-1.5 tons per pallet

8.Surface: one side color (golden,red,blue....) and other side clear lacquer 

9.Test of coating: Autoclavable, heat-resistance, steam resistance, MEK wiping resistance, grid test, etc

10.DC and CC production lines, good property, no wave, no scratch

1) Chemical ingredients:

According with the rules of GB /T3190

2) Physical property:

The physical property testing of basis material under room

Temperature accords with the rules of GB /T8544-1997

3) Appearance quality:

Clear patern and tidy without burr

4) Surface:

No crack, selvedge, canker, hole

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